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Administrative Assistant
Shop Supervisor

Job Description:

·  Responsible for day to day operations of the machine shop.
·  Set production scheduling, assign and monitor tasks to subordinate machinists and laborers.
·  Provide personnel direction and perform time card management.
·  Monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures.
·  Solves problems, provide direction as required, to specific machining operations, identifying and correcting in-efficient machining practices.
·  Verify proper traveler, meet quantity, quality, and schedule requirements, and jobs are accomplished appropriately.
·  Develop traveler as required.
·  Verify normal maintenance to be performed on machines and tools.
·  Verify proper tooling is available to perform all machining operations.
·  Prepare an annual budget for maintenance and ancillary expenses of the machine shop.
·  Review employee performance, develop employee grading metric.
·  Verify employees receive appropriate safety training, stop any unsafe practice.
·  Prepare estimates on labor hours, materials and special tooling required to perform the job.
·  Perform Quality control as required, verify employee's work are performed per drawing specification.
·  Reports directly to Upper Management.


·  High School or equivalent, with formal apprenticeship/technical schooling in mechanical drawings interpretation.
·  Full working knowledge of all CNC machining centers and support equipment.
·  Full working knowledge of CAD/CAM systems, Geometric Tolerancing, (ANSI-Y 14.5) drawing interpretation and shop math.
·  Full working knowledge of measuring and test equipment (MTE) and gauging.
·  Full working knowledge of all hard and perishable tooling, chucks, jaws, cutting feeds and speeds.
·  Minimum of 8-10 years experience in precision machining with both manual machining and CNC, and experience in all facets of CNC machining including related tools and fixtures.  Previous supervisory position is a plus.
·  Basic knowledge of ISO9001 & AS9100 quality requirements is a plus.
·  Computer literate in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications.
·  Possess management and leadership quality, professionalism and communication skills with all team members, customer and vendor.
·  Extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.
·  Energetic, aggressive, willing to perform a variety of tasks, take leads.
·  A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

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