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Program Management provides oversight of all projects to ensure the overall program goals are met at each project activity level. We differentiate between the roles of Program Manager and Project Manager, to provide the proper individual for the task at hand.  Program Managers provide decision-making capacity, ideas and approaches to solve issues impacting programs on an as-needed basis.  Program Managers focus on the coordination and prioritization of resources across projects, managing links between the projects and the overall costs and risks of the program.  Project Managers are then challenged to deliver projects within the established boundaries and framework.

We view Program Management as strategic and tactical in nature.  The strategic decisions must consider multidimensional impacts beyond the near-term delivery dates of the project.  Project Management is focused on delivery and execution, whereas Program Management is focused on the overall health and effectiveness of the program over the long term.  We are capable to provide the talent to manage at either the Program or Project level.

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